Congresswoman Says Closing North Forest ISD Raises Civil Right Issues

Congresswoman Jackson-Lee wants the Department of Justice and the Department of Education to make a civil rights investigation.


"And I have to make a very blatant point, if you will, and the question of race is one that concerns us greatly. The district is 70 percent African-American, with Latino students and of course Anglo students. And we are very concerned."

Congresswoman Jackson-Lee says the North Forest Independent School District is historic.


"It may be the only African-American or multicultural district of this kind in the state, and it has value, it has history. And certainly, in this very wonderfully multicultural community, it is important for our children to have experiences that integrate them into the larger community but it is also important to precserve some cultural icons such as the North Forest Independent School District."

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The emergency meeting to discuss saving North Forest ISD is set for tomorrow afternoon at three, at Forest Brook Middle School on Tidwell.


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