Mississippi AG Sues Feinberg

Attorney General Hood is seeking the documentation to answer complaints lodged by Mississippi coastal residents that the process by which BP is settling claims from last year’s Gulf oil spill lacks transparency and consistency. 

“The main complaint people have is they just don’t get any answers.  You know, they file all the documents, and then they’ll come back and they request that they file more documents, and then they’ll come back and ask for more documents, and it never ends. And many times the documents they request don’t even apply to their business.”

Hood has spent nearly five months negotiating with Feinberg for access to the documents. Feinberg has repeatedly held off providing the information, citing concerns for the privacy of the claimants. But Hood says that, even after obtaining waivers from hundreds of coastal residents authorizing the release of their information to the Attorney General’s office, the BP fund administrator still is not handing over the complete files.

 “As twenty years as a prosecutor, I get suspicious when people don’t want independent parties reviewing their records.”

Feinberg had no immediate comment, other than to say, “Our lawyers will respond in the ordinary course.”

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