EPA Proposes New Aircraft Emission Rule

airplane wing in the skyThe proposal would require jet engines on large commercial aircraft to meet stricter limits for emissions of nitrogen oxides during takeoffs and landings. 

Chris Grundler, deputy director of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, says the rule would apply only to new jet engines, starting in 2013.

“Engines that are already been certified and are flying on today’s aircraft will continue to fly.”

Grundler says it will take up to twenty years for the rule to cover all large commercial aircraft, given the long time for fleet turnover. For that reason, he says, the cost of compliance for airlines and aircraft manufacturers should be modest.

The EPA estimates the rule will cut ground-level nitrogen oxide emissions by 100,000 tons nationwide by 2030. Exposure to such emissions, in the form of smog and particulate matter, can cause or aggravate lung diseases.

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