Teaching Kids About Sun Protection

Texas has the third highest incidents of skin cancer rates in the country. With that in mind, the Environmental Protection Agency is starting a new program in Houston to get kids to use sun block and do other things to protect them from the sun.

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The SunWise program teaches kids K through eighth grade about environmental factors that are causing depletion in the ozone layer. The thinner the ozone, the more UV radiation reaches the surface and in turn increases the risk for skin cancer. Sun damage is cumulative so the more exposure one has the more risk for skin cancer. MD Anderson Skin Cancer Surgury Unit Director Tri Nguyen.

Nguyen says people should look for sun screens that specifically name UVA. Also, sunscreen is not just for use during the summer.

Sunwise program website

UV Index Prediction, updated daily

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Melanoma and Skin Center

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