Early Morning Metro Fatality

A bus driver was taking his out-of-service vehicle to the Metro maintenance depot at Hiram Clark when the accident happened. He was headed southbound on 288 when he made contact with a dump truck in the lane ahead of him. Margaret O’ Brien-Molina with Metro says after that contact was made is when things get a little unclear.

"Just after that, we don’t know exactly why, the bus driver lost control of his bus, it looked like, and hit one of the support columns for an overpass there at 288. The impact there caused the fatality."

The vehicle the victim was driving was an accordion style bus and O’Brien-Molina says it literally snapped in half on impact. She says this is an older style bus that is in the midst of being phased out. However she also believes at this point in time that the type of bus involved did not contribute to the accident. As for what did, an investigation is underway.

"That at any time we have more than a 1,000 buses on the road each day. So bus accidents are something that we live with, but something like this is truly outside the norm and we’re looking at everything we possibly can and will be for some time to come to see exactly what caused it and to see that there is no recurrence."

The bus driver David Sayers was believed to have been a Metro employee since 2008.

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