Houston Hot Wheels According to HPD

The HPD's top ten list of stolen vehicles went like this: Chevy trucks, Honda cars, Ford trucks, Dodge trucks and Chevy cars at number 5. Number 6: Ford cars, followed by Dodge and Toyota cars, GMC trucks and Buick cars at number 10. 

Kese Smith with the HPD says trucks are the vehicle of choice for thieves for several reasons.

"Trucks are very popular in this part of the country. They are relatively easy to steal, because of their ignition and steering column locks not being sufficiently protected to prevent theft, and they have components on those vehicles like tires, wheels and interior components, that are valuable. That's a big market for those items."

There were 621 vehicles reported stolen to the Houston Police Department and how many of them are recovered?

"Over time, about 90-percent."


Top Ten Stolen Vehicles for May 2011

The following is a rundown of the "Top 10" makes of vehicles reported stolen to the Houston Police Department during the month of May 2011.

1. Chevrolet Trucks 146

2. Honda Cars 115

3. Ford Trucks 110

4. Dodge Trucks 77

5. Chevrolet Cars 38

6. Ford Cars 37

7. Dodge Cars 29

8. Toyota Cars 27

9. GMC Trucks 23

10. Buick Cars 19

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