Port Authority Trade is Up

Houston Ship channelFuel oil and plastics were among the biggest drivers of U.S. exports in April. But petroleum products were far from the only Houston exports that gave a strong showing.

“Steel exports are up 100%. Most of that is going to the oil patch. It’s a lot of pipe. General cargo, which is just break bulk, or project cargoes, those cargoes that will not fit into a container, that is up 53%.”

Ricky Kunz is vice president for origination at the Port of Houston Authority.  He says activity at the port authority is now approaching pre-recession levels.

“Our revenues reflect the same. They’re up about 16% over the corresponding year. So we’re feeling very good, and we’re hoping that this trend continues.”

U.S. exports hit an all-time high in April of nearly $176 billion.

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