Authorities Investigate Liberty County Hoax

A large media contingent went to the property near Hardin after reports of a mass grave.  Captain Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Department says they launched their investigation after getting a tip from a woman who called from outside the area.

"Some of the information provided to us did specifically match information that we found here at the scene.  That is the driving force that kept us futhering our investigation."

Evans says the woman made two calls to the sheriff's department saying bodies of children were buried on the property.  After getting a search warrant, deputies didn't find anything. There was evidence of blood in the house, but investigators say that was the result of someone cutting themselves a couple of weeks ago. Evans says they're now trying to track down the self-professed psychic who gave those tips.

"We feel confident that we have investigated this part of the scene as much as we can.  The rest of it will be investigating how this person obtained the information."

The house is rented by a man and woman who were on the road driving an 18-wheeler when police started investigating.  They say they're surprised by the incident. 

As for whether the woman who made the calls will face charges, authorities say that's up to the Liberty County District Attorney.

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