Troopers in US, Mexico, Canada, Focus on Commercial Vehicle Safety During Enforcement Drive

The DPS says it plans to stop thousands of commercial vehicles starting Tuesday through Thursday.  The department's Tela Mange says officers will make sure the drivers are properly licensed, sober, and can show they're taking long enough rest periods between their shifts.

"We'll also be looking for equipment violations.  We'll want to make sure, for example, that the brakes are operating correctly, they're not overloaded, and that the tires are in good condition."

There will be a new focus this year on stopping vehicles with moving companies that fail to register as carriers of household goods.  Mange says more companies are skipping the registration process so they won't have to comply with federal regulations.

"The problem for people like you or me, who are out on the roads, or people like you and me, if we're hiring someone to take our worldly possessions from one state to another, is that if a company isn't registered then when things go wrong, and they probably will, you have much less recourse."

Last year, Texas troopers stopped nearly 7,000 commercial vehicles during the three-day Roadcheck period.  About a quarter of those vehicles were forced out of service because of safety violations.

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