HISD Board To Vote On New Teacher Evaluation Standards

The district calls it the Effective Teachers Initiative.  It would be the new standard by which HISD’s 12,000 teachers are judged.  Instead of relying on one brief classroom visit by the principal, the new system would use multiple classroom observations.  HISD’s Jason Spencer says it would also take into account student test scores.

“Under the current system, 99 percent of teachers receive a favorable rating.  In a district where 70,000 of our students are not reading on grade level, that leaves some room for improvement.”

The new criteria would take effect this fall.  The Houston Federation of Teachers says wouldn’t leave enough time to train the evaluators, or the ones being evaluated.  Union President Gayle Fallon says instead of a permanent, wholesale change, the new standards should be a pilot program.

“Compare the results to prior results.  Check for validity and reliability.  Get the kinks out of it, before it’s a high-stakes issue.”

The HISD says it developed the new standards with the input of thousands of teachers and hundreds of parents.  But the teachers’ union claims much of that input didn’t make into the final product.  The union says if the HISD board approves the Effective Teachers Initiative, the union will file a legal challenge on the grounds that they were not developed in accordance with state rules.

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