Commute Pledge Encourages Traffic Solutions

Proponents of commuting alternatives are asking Houstonians to pledge trying a different commute method at least once this month.

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Commute Solutions is a sort of one-stop-shopping resource for alternatives to single-car commuting. They promote carpool, vanpool, public transit and telecommuting as other options for getting to work. Commute Solutions Program Manager Shelley Whitworth says the efforts to reduce the number of cars on the freeway are working.

Whitworth says the average Houston commuter spends nearly $10,000 per year on transportation. She says alternative commuting methods can help cut those expenses by up to 20 percent. Jimmi Park uses the Metro Park and Ride to get to work in the Medical Center. She says there are pros and cons to alternative commuting.

Whitworth says Houston's notorious traffic congestion should be a logical incentive to seeking commute solutions. But she adds one of the factors in the city's congestion is sprawl and that's also a factor in commuters' resistance to leaving their cars at home.

During the month of August, Commute Solutions is asking Houstonians to take the No-Solo driving pledge and commit to try a commute alternative at least one time this month.

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