Metro Wants Your Help To Name New Light Rail Stations

The Metropolitan Transit Authority this week started accepting online submissions to name 23 stations along the North, Southeast, and East End lines.

"What we're looking for are the types of names people can easily identify with a neighborhood or a particular area."

That's METRO's Jerome Gray.  He says the proposed stations already have tentative names based on the streets they're located near.  But if the community can come up with better, more creative names, then METRO is open to hearing them.  There are some guidelines to keep in mind.  The names can be no longer than 26 characters.  Gray says, the shorter, the better.

"The stations can not be named for anyone who's living or dead, unless the name is already in use for a street intersection.  A perfect example of that would be MLK."

Gray says they'd particularly like to see names that can be tied with landmarks or nearby commercial enterprises.  METRO will accept ideas until June 30th.  The board will choose the finalists, and put those up for public review.  The board will then make the final decisions on the light rail station names sometime in August.    The first stations bearing the new names are scheduled to open in 2014.  To submit your idea, visit the GoMETRORail website.

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