County To Process Inmates Faster

Sheriff Garcia says he’s been looking for ways to get more bang for his buck since taking office. With shrinking budgets and no extra money to be found he went looking for existing spaces to put a new inmate processing center. He didn’t have to go very far, he found the perfect space on the first floor of the criminal justice building.

new booking center"All of the agencies in the Harris County area that are contributing to the inmate population at the Harris County Jail will now have as state of the art facility to conduct their work."

The new space has been vacant for the past twelve years. It’s about double the size of the old one at the jail and will be able to hold about 80 people at a time including officers and inmates. Garcia says faster processing times will allow officers to get back on the streets quicker.

"We’re going to be putting the bad guys in jail quicker, faster, and we’ll keep the streets safer and we’ll be returning law enforcement to be able to patrol the communities as need be. People want to see the cops on the street when they don’t need them."

The new processing center also has new finger print machines and work stations for officers to do paperwork.

Garcia calls it a one stop shop for processing and booking. The center opens tomorrow Wednesday morning.

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