McDonald's Hiring Day

McDonald's signMcDonald’s plans to hire more than 4,000 new workers across the state of Texas today, including 1,500 in the Houston area. Kimberly Elizondo is a second-generation McDonald’s owner/operator.

“These are 1,500 new jobs, so we’re not taking away from any of the jobs that we currently have. These are all positions that we’re adding, from our crewmember to our maintenance positions, all the way up to shift managers and restaurant managers.”

John Challenger, CEO of outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas, says that such job openings are a crucial gauge of economic recovery. He notes unemployment for college-educated workers has already dropped to pre-recession levels.

“Where the unemployment is is in people who don’t have high school degrees. That’s 13.7% of the unemployment right now, and for people with just high school degrees, that’s 9.5%.”

Challenger says the mass hirings at McDonald’s — as well as similar events at Home Depot and Lowe’s — mirror the mass layoffs that took place in the depths of the recession.
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