Another Golf Course Use: Flood Detention

The Inwood Forest Golf Course is a 223-acre site that has been closed since 2007.

The owner planned to sell it off in parcels for development into apartments. But community activists asked the City of Houston to save the site for neighborhood use.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says the Inwood project fits in with the city's mission to preserve green space and mitigate flooding.

"We identified $9 million of capital funds for the purchase of these just more than 223 acres and it will provide both amenities for the neighborhood and flood control opportunities for the city."

The course will be transformed into a series of walking trails and drainage ponds which will be designed to flood during heavy rains. The Harris County Flood Control District will carry out that part of the project

Dorothy Miller is chair of the Near Northwest Management District. She says property values in the area have declined rapidly in the past few years and the Inwood project is part of a broader effort to revitalize the community.

"Once this facility is up and running and it's doing its thing, it'll be acting as a destination. Whenever people say "Antoine" we want them to go I want to live there, I want to work there, I want to play there."

The country club that sits on the course will become a multi-service center where community groups will lease space for activities and community outreach programs.

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