GHP Board Endorses Expanded use of Rainy Day Fund

GHP Chairman Larry-Kellner at a recent GHP event
Greater Houston Partnership Chairman Larry Kellner at a recent GHP event

The resolution supports the use of $3.2 billion from the fund, and the additional use of $4 billion to be allocated to funding education and Medicaid. Partnership Chairman Larry Kellner says the cuts recommended by the house last Sunday night will affect potential federal funds.


"We need about another $3.3 billion in funding just to get us to the point where we'll get all the federal matching dollars, and you get about two federal dollars for every state dollar. And on the Foundation School Program, the current House budget would underfund education, compared to the formulas that are currently in place, by $7.8 billion."

The partnership board also passed unanimous resolutions supporting a statewide smoking ban, higher education initiatives emphasizing tier one programming and for greater public school flexibility.

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