Parker Plans "Aggressive" Campaign for Reelection

The endorsements are from former Mayor Bob Lanier and Parker's opponent in the last election, Gene Locke.

Gene Locke
Parker's opponent in the last election, Gene Locke

Parker says she called Locke personally to ask for his support.

"I don't know whether an endorsement translates into votes. An endorsement makes a statement that we've moved beyond the last campaign and this is a new race and a new day and if that's all that happens, I'm very proud of that."

Parker has no serious challengers at this point, although there have been rumors that former Harris County Tax-Assessor Collector Paul Bettencourt could throw his hat in the ring.

But for now, the mayor has the field to herself.

"I only know one way to campaign and that is very, very hard and I am going to be aggressive. I have a nice war chest, I'm going to add to that war chest. But I'm going to do a full field campaign, as I always do — I only know one way to campaign."

Parker is seeking reelection for a second term and has said she intends to run again for a third term if she wins.

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