House Debate Set To Resume On TX Voter ID Bill

On Monday, a House Democrat raised a point-of-order to highlight a discrepancy between the language in the bill and the bill's officiall analysis — a summary of what's in the bill.   The bill allows voters without ID who cast a provisional ballot six days to show officials a government issued ID.   But there was a problem with how "day" was defined.

"The exact language in the bill's analysis was 'business day', and the bill only speaks to 'days' regarding the provisional ballot."

That's Colby Beuck.  He's the Chief of Staff for Representative Patricia Harless, the Republican from Spring who's sponsoring the bill in the House. 

"The bill was sent back to committee.  The committee fixed the problem with the bill's analysis.  And it should be heard this Wednesday."

The voter ID bill is expected to easily pass the House, where Republicans hold a super-majority.  Lawmakers who support the measure say it's needed to cut down on fraud.  Opponents say the bill does nothing to address mishandled mail-in ballots, which make up the vast majority of voter fraud cases in Texas.

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