Teachers Rally Against Cuts

Just this week, the Houston Independent School District passed its budget with nearly $59 million worth of cuts in anticipation of what's happening at the state level.

Board members approved the budget, but say they will leave it up to each school to decide where and how to
make the reductions.

Gayle Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, says she's taking eight bus-loads of HISD teachers to Austin on Monday.

"To talk to the legislators about the cuts that they're making, or the cuts that they're forcing by cutting the funding. And you know basically just to get the point across that the people of Texas want an educated student population, because our whole future depends on it. And just having the legislature throw their hands up and say oh well we've got a deficit deal with it...doesn't solve the problem."

Meanwhile a statewide rally of teachers in Austin this weekend is intended to draw attention to the number of
educators whose jobs are at stake. Here in Houston, as many as 1,000 teachers could lose their jobs in HISD alone.

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