Student Mosaic Project Nearing Completion

The largest tile mosaic mural in Houston is scheduled for installantion next month and the art piece, from design to finished product, is the work of 13 local high school students.

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Sections of the mosaic are laid out on long tables in the studio of the Museum of Cultural Arts, Houston or MOCAH. It's a huge piece measuring 21 feet high by 64 feet long. The mural's theme depicts preparation plus opportunity equals success. Fourteen year old Jessica de Alba is a contributing artist on 22 tile mosaics in the Houston area. She says they just finished the fourth section of the mural and will have it finished in a couple of weeks.

Jessica is the youngest student working on this project, the others range in ages from 14 to 22. They're part of the Worksource Youth Opportunity program, a job training initiative for high school students. Reginald Adams is the executive director of MOCAH. He says the museum uses art to promote social and community development.

The mosaic project demands a lot of time and work from the students. It's a 300 hour effort. They work Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The students become personally invested in the project. They developed the theme, design, colors and layout and do the hands-on work of putting the mosaic together.

The mural will be installed in August on an outside wall at the Worksource office on Cochran and Hogan on the north side. It's part of a larger city-wide effort to dedicate outdoor spaces to public art and beautify some of Houston's decaying neighborhoods.

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