It Begins With Breathing

Yoga enthusiasts talk about the mind-body and soul connection, but might be difficult to comprehend. It's a discipline that has been around in one form or another for as long as 5-thousand years. Charles MacInerney of Austin got introduced to yoga at an early age.

"My mother and sister were taking yoga classes and they didn't want to get a baby sitter, so they started taking me along and I hated it the first couple of weeks, this business of being still and slowing down and breathing. But the third week, during the guided relaxation at the end, I think it was the first time I'd ever really relaxed. After that I was hooked."

He says the different styles of yoga have different benefits, but what separates it from western types of workouts is the emphasis on consciousness and breathing.

"Even if we're doing something physically challenging, like a handstand or a back bend,  our goal is to maintain one point at attention."

MacInerney is one of the presenters at the first ever Texas Yoga Conference this weekend at the University of St. Thomas. It's expected to draw two thousand. It's the brainchild of Jennifer Buergermeister, the president of the Texas Yoga Association. She says attendees will learn that breathing is at the core of your well being:

"Learning how to bring the breath deeply into the body can change, not only your physical body, but your mind, and also help you come closer to your spirituality, regardless of what that looks like."

She says attendees will learn that the benefits of breathing will make a difference that will change your life. More information on the Texas Yoga Conference can be found at

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