Secretary Monitors Development of Deepwater Oil Containment Systems

Salazar and Bromwich
From left to right: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Enforcement Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Michael Bromwich

Salazar is aware of economic and congressional pressure to resume drilling, but he says safety is the first concern.


"We don't respond to political pressure. We are frankly doing what is the right thing for America's energy program. And so today's containment capabilities that were demonstrated to us is part of that effort for us to make sure that we have the safest development of oil and gas in the nation's oceans."

Salazar and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, regulation and Enforcement Director Michael Bromwich visited with Houston’s helix energy solutions and the marine well containment company — both are developing containment systems. Bromwich earlier this month said he expected new deepwater permits in a matter of weeks.
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