New Technology Helps Solve Harris County Cold Case

Last week the Harris County Sheriff's Department announced that a Tennessee woman had been charged with the shooting death of her husband at their Tomball home in 1987. Sgt Dean Holtke says almost 24 years ago Edmund Hugh Clark was found shot death in his bed. His wife Norma Jean said she heard shots and then went to a neighbor’s house to call police.

She was considered a suspect, but there was no evidence to refute her story. Sgt Holtke says the evidence was there but technology then couldn't see it.

"Back in 19-87 when they were looking at biological evidence, they were looking for large evidence, evidence you can  actually see with your eye.  We're talking microscopic samples in this case, which is consistent with high velocity blood stains: being close to a gunshot ."

Sgt Holtke says authorities believe this proves she was in the room and not in another part of the house when her husband was shot.

Norma Jean Clark was arrested in Tennessee and is still there fighting extradition to Texas.

This was the sixth cold case to lead to an arrest in recent years.

"It's good for us; it's good for the citizens; but more so, it's satisfying for the families, and that's really why we do this."

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