Changes Promised at Hogg Middle School

"My job is to make sure that every child who comes through this door receives a quality education in a safe, structured, environment."

It's only her first week on the job, but Dr. Mina Schnitta says she's ready to tackle head-on the problems facing Hogg Middle School. Schnitta is the school's fourth principal in four years, and at a public meeting last night, she heard from parents who say they have serious concerns about sending their kids to Hogg. They're worried their children won't get the same quality of education they currently get at highly-regarded neighborhood schools like Harvard and Travis Elementaries.

Dr Mina Schnitta speaking to parents
New principal, Dr Mina Schnitta, responding to complaints from parents about Hogg Middle School

Schnitta says one of the things she wants to do is partner with those schools in an effort to keep kids on a challenging academic track.

"I want to go out to their PTO's, you know. I want to go out and get to know their fifth-graders. I want to have some mentoring between the fifth and the sixth."

Schnitta says she also wants to change perceptions that Hogg isn't a safe campus. She hopes to do that by laying out expectations for student behavior. Schnitta says she's also given her e-mail address to nearby businesses in case students are spotted causing problems in the neighborhood.
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