Friday AM February 4th, 2011

Mexican President Vicente Fox

Fox met with Alejandro del Valle, head of the Hispanic Business Center, a business incubator, and Mexican-based call center Contact Line. He praised HBC for its work in providing a base of operations for an expected 300 Mexican corporations seeking to do business in the U.S. and Canada.

“I would call this business a synthesis of NAFTA. I think it’s an idea that will build that future of prosperity and partnership that NAFTA’s been trying to build among our nations, but now is going to be done by the business community.”

Asked whether Mexican businesses were moving to the U.S. to escape drug violence at home, Fox had this to say.

“Violence in Mexico, at the very end, comes from drug consumption in this nation and the funds and resources that it generates to bribe Mexican authorities, to equip the cartels with the weapons, the ammunition, that comes from this nation.”
 Mexican President Vicente Fox


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