Thursday AM February 3rd, 2011

ice stormsState Farm is having a busy week, even in Texas. Far from the snow drifts of the Midwest and Northeast, the insurance provider is fielding hundreds of claims from Texas homeowners and drivers.

Houston-based agent Theodore Franklin says local businesses, particularly retail operations, can expect to take a hit.

“Customers are not coming in. Impassable roads. No power, no water, burst pipes, things of that nature. All of the lifelines of a business are severely impacted by terrible weather conditions.”

The severe weather outside Texas could easily disrupt supplies.

“Most businesses have to transport their goods from other parts of the country, and because of that, a lot of the orders that would normally have gotten there the next day or two or three days after they made the order may take several days or weeks, depending on how bad the conditions are.”

There’s one other factor to consider. Wind damage to homes and car accidents on slippery roads will make it a lot tougher for employees to get in to work.


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