Houston Braces for Ice Storm

While Houston's temperatures and snow levels are nothing compared to what's happening in states north of us — the winter storm is still poised to cause its share of damage.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says the city will spread gravel and de-ice roads and overpasses that are known to freeze.

"We have, as we always do, our chat rock trucks. We have nine trucks that will be pre-positioned to spread chat rock, which is like a gravel, in areas where we anticipate ice. We will also have four trucks available for the magnesium chloride, basically the salt trucks — deicer to put that out. We want to know where the icy conditions are."

Parker encourages residents to call 3-1-1 and report any ice patches they see on the roads.

"Let us know where it is so we can either get out and put something on it, or divert folks from traveling that way if that's the best way to do it."

Parker says the city may also extend library hours to operate as warming centers for the homeless — although she says that's only a short-term option and people will need to find permanent overnight shelter.

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