Houston Nurse Involved in National Healthcare Solutions

A Houston nurse is involved in a national effort to find solutions to health care problems. Rosie Perez is bringing concerns of local residents to the attention of Congress and the president.

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Rosie Perez is a nurse and director of community outreach at Christus St. Joseph Hospital. She was also selected to serve on Congress's National Healthcare Working Group. It's a group of healthcare workers and private citizens, no elected officials or lobbyists are allowed. Perez and 13 other members are holding a series of hearings across the country. She brought the group to Houston, where they learned about the costs of emergency room care, staggering numbers of uninsured and reaching the growing hispanic population.

The group will release a report on their findings in October. At that point, they'll be seeking feedback on their report. Randy Johnson is the chairman of the group, he says their goal is to collect opinions on healthcare from 100 million U.S. residents.

The group will document responses to the report through community hearings, a website and toll-free phone number. After the public comment period wraps up, the group will draft final recommendations.

The National Healthcare Working Group is a result of the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act and is charged with developing recommendations for the President and Congress that would result in health care that works for all Americans.

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