Thursday AM January 20th, 2011

HastingsHastings addressed the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program, or REEP, on the issue of how to maintain high standards in public schools. He says part of the problem lies in a lack of institutional memory.

“The fundamental issue is the school board continues to change, and that naturally creates a role for new superintendents to come in who then want to change direction. And so what we get is going left, going right, going up, going down, over say two decades, without any sustained progress.”

The Netflix chief points to the corporate world, non-profits, churches and the military as examples of organizations that do a better job of focusing on long term goals.

“All of them have self-perpetuating governance — that is, the board members get to pick the new board members.”

Hastings considers the use of charter schools as one solution, holding up New Orleans as an example.
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