Film Review: "TRON: Legacy"

25 years after the disappearance of his father (Bridges, reprising his role as Kevin Flynn), Sam Flynn (Hedlund) is summoned to his father's office at the arcade, only to be sucked into the computerized world of the Grid.  Reunited with his father, Sam, with the help of Quorra (Wilde), works to escape the clutches of the evil Clu (also Bridges) and get back to the real world.  An unsteady but visually stunning sequel long in the making.

I've been a fan of the idea of TRON since I was a kid: living in a computer world, racing light cycles and wandering through trippy, isometric landscapes.  Thankfully, TRON: Legacy continues those traditions with aplomb.  The disc battles are exciting, the light cycles exhilarating and the environments darkly beautiful.  Attention must be paid to French house duo Daft Punk's soundtrack, which is good on its own but simply wonderful in context.  Unfortunately, the film suffers because its tries to do too many things at once.  It works well as an update in terms of visuals and tone, and provides plenty of nods to the long-time fans, but the plot is essentially a rehash of the original.  Some very interesting plot points are teased but dropped just as quickly, and the overall pace is uneven.  The performances are good: Bridges shines as both the Elder Flynn and his creepy, digital doppleganger Clu, and Michael Sheen has fun chewing the scenery.  On a side note, though still unnecessary, the 3D here is the best I've seen since Avatar (real world is in 2D, the Grid in 3D).  It's just short of great, but still a must-see for fans of the original.


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