TX watches VA lawsuit against healthcare law

The federal judge ruled that the requirement that all Americans have or obtain health insurance is unconstitutional. The suit was brought by Virginia, which was acting alone. Texas is part of a separate lawsuit moving forward in Florida. That case involves 20 states. This is Attorney General Greg Abbott.

“We’re very pleased with the Virginia ruling that strikes down ‘Obamacare’ as unconstitutional, because it is based upon the same legal premise that the Texas lawsuit is based upon. And if the judge in our case applies the same legal reasoning, Texas should win in its challenge against ‘Obamacare.’”

Texas and the other states filed their lawsuit in March, right after the federal health care law passed.

“Never before has Congress passed a law that orders Americans to go out and purchase a good or service. So the lawsuit is an attempt to establish limits on Congressional authority.”

Abbott says he doesn’t expect a decision on the Texas lawsuit until January or February. And most experts say that a final judgment from the U.S. Supreme Court on all the different lawsuits could take at least two years.
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