Research Shows Diet Change Could Help Hyperactive Kids

Essential fatty acids could be the answer to treating children suffering from behavioral and learning disorders. That according to a recent Oxford University study that found almost half of the improvement.

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The study included 117 children ages 5-12 who suffered from a condition commonly associated with dyslexia and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. The ones given supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids made better progress than those who were given an olive oil placebo. The findings don't suprise Jane Hersey, who's the director of the non-profit Feingold Association and the author of "Why Can't My Child Behave?".

Feingold says many parents and doctors treat kids with ADHD or other behavioral issues with drugs like Ritalin, instead of finding out what's causing the child to misbehave.

She says one culprit is additives in processed foods.

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