Palin Comes to Houston

As you pulled into the Borders book store parking lot, it was obvious right away this was not an average Monday. First there were about 4 media satellite trucks with their large antennas stretching into the sky. Second was the line extending out the door. Inside I found Mary Elizabeth Hubert who was still waiting even though she’d been in line over three hours.

"I really believe in what she’s doing. I believe she’s a great role model especially for young women and I just have a lot in common with her, I think."
Bill Stamps:  "Like what?"
"Well I like to go hunting too and I’m an outdoorsy-type of girl and a conservative young woman."

The line inside the store zigzagged through every isle before going up the stairs to where Palin sat a table signing copies of her book. There were definitely more women in line, but Steve Townley and Dan Tran got their books signed and walked away nervous and nearly shaking.

Bill Stamps: "You said you are nervous?"

"Yeah, because she’s such a personable person and very beautiful too."
"I just mentioned that I went to her book signing last year and what a great time I had there and you know, how she’s inspired me and that about all."
Bill Stamps: "And what did she say?"

"She said thank you."

Border’s manager Amanda Keough says they found out about two weeks ago that Palin would be coming. The main thing she had to do to prepare for the visit was increase her working staff from about 3 to 38.

"I have actually been at this store, at this location for over a year and this is the longest line I’ve ever seen."

As popular as Palin is with conservatives, she’s equally unpopular with many others. There was talk of a big protest outside the bookstore, but only a handful of people showed up holding signs. One of those was Brenda Serrato who’s sign said Palin is a disgrace to women.

"Just all the things that come out of her mouth, all the misinformation. That’s disgraceful. As a smart, informed citizens, as a smart, informed woman citizen, it's appalling to hear the things come out of her mouth."

Bill Stamps: "Like what?"

"Like confusing North and South Korea. I can see Russia from my backyard."

Ann Giron is a Palin supporter, who admits the former governor has said some things perhaps she shouldn’t have; nevertheless, Giron says she would vote for Palin in a heartbeat.

"Some of the things she says are kind of a little different. Some of it, I think, maybe she shouldn’t say, but her basic moral beliefs and that I really think she’s a good person and cares about all Americans."

What’s next for Palin is anyone’s guess. Even her supporters believe that’s probably the way she likes it. Bill Stamps KUHF News.
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