Thanksgiving Deals On The Car Lot

This week, most people are focused on traveling, spending time with their families, and getting a head start on their holiday shopping. And that's why it could be a good time to make a deal on a new car. Michelle Krebs is a senior analyst for the automotive consumer website

"Black Friday, with everyone else shopping online, and shopping at the malls is a good time to go into the dealership. You'll get a lot of attention from the staff, and there won't be a lot of customers there because it's a slow time."

Krebs says dealers are eager to clear out leftover 2010 models to make room for the 2011s. But she says the 2010s will go quickly, because manufacturers have apprently learned their lesson when it comes to making more cars than consumers want.

"They got themselves into trouble when they kept just churning vehicles out of their factories, and had to put incentives on them. They're trying to restrain themselves on that."

Krebs says, as a result, incentives are not as widespread, nor are they as generous as they were in 2008 and '09. She says shoppers who are set on getting a 2011 model, and can wait a little while, may find the best deals the week after Christmas.
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