Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Comes Back Next Month

Starting December 20th, consumers can purchase major appliances bearing the Energy Star label, and apply for mail-in rebates.

The cash back ranges from $40 for window air conditioners, up to $1,000 for central a/c units, and heat pumps.  An additional $75 dollars is available for those who can prove they recycled their old appliances.

A number of conditions come with the rebates.  The appliances must be purchased in-store from a retailer that does business in Texas.  And there's a limit of two rebates per household.  That includes any rebates received back in April, during the first round.

The state is using a mail-in program this time, after the debacle in April, when phone and online application systems couldn't keep up with demand.  Thousands of consumers missed the deadline, leaving about $10 million in rebate money on the table.   Officials say they'll keep a countdown clock at, to let people know how much money is left for rebates, once the second act of the program begins in a month.

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