Elections Officials Say They're Ready

You don’t have to worry about record crowds at Houston area polls. That’s because a good portion of voters have already voted. County Clerk Beverly Kaufman says some 450-thousand people cast their ballot during the early voting period.

"It helps us a lot to get the early vote as high as we can that takes the pressure of the precincts on Election Day and if you have a weather situation, you don’t want long lines out the door in inclement weather. So we figure it’s going to be smooth tomorrow."

The 450 thousand is a Harris county record for a non-presidential election and it’s exactly what Kaufman hoped for after a fire destroyed the entire county’s voting equipment in August. It wasn’t easy getting everything in place but she says all of the precincts will have more than enough machines to handle voters.

"We ordered some equipment. We got a lot of wonderful equipment loaned to us from other entities and then in order to make it equitable as we could in every precinct, we ordered a little more equipment, which the manufacturer came through even with an addition 500 e-slates so we’d have those on Election Day for backup."

This is Kaufman’s last go around. She’s retiring and moving on to other things. I asked her how she feels knowing this is her last hurrah.

"Hallelujah (laugh). It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m very grateful. But after this year, I’m going to happy to pass that baton on."

Kaufman wants to remind the public that you can’t just go vote at any location like you can during early voting. If you do have a question about your polling location you can call the Harris County Clerk’s Office and there are people waiting to answer not only that but any other question you might have. Also you can visit Harris Votes.org to find your polling location.

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