Finally, Officially Innocent

In 1983, Michael Anthony Green was convicted of raping a Houston woman. He was convicted based on eyewitness evidence after the woman identified him as her attacker. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

Green maintained his innocence throughout the process. His attorney, Bob Wicoff, says the Texas Court of
Criminal Appeals unanimously agreed with a lower court that Green should be exonerated.

"This will enable Michael to file a claim for compensation — that is one import of this. The other thing it just reinforces through legal channels and through the highest court that he is actually innocent and that everybody's on board with that. So it's now legal."

Green may be eligible for a state settlement of as much as $2 million for his wrongful imprisonment. Wicoff says right now Green is actually working with him in the law office on other cases of disputed innocence.

"That's always been, ever since I met Mike, his intention — which is to help get other innocent people out of prison in whatever way his name can now help — legal research he does for me, lending his face and his name to various causes. That's what he wanted to do and that's what he's doing."

Green has been free since July 30th, when DNA evidence unearthed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office indicated the rape was committed by someone else.

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