Elissa Recruiting Next Year's Crew

The people in charge of the old sailing ship Elissa are starting another season of training land-lubbers to serve as crew-members for some trips out into the Gulf of Mexico next year.

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The Elissa is a real 19th century sailing ship owned and maintained by the Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston. They can't take passengers, but they do take her out into the gulf every year in the spring to keep her in good sailing shape. Skipper Kurt Voss says it's already time to recruit a crew for next year, and he needs people who can do everything that needs to be done on a three masted ship.

Voss says anybody over the age of 16 can serve. There's no upper age limit because there's always something someone of any age can do. They have people in their seventies, and starting Saturday, they'll all start training for real voyages out in the gulf.

Voss says he's hoping to take the Elissa to Corpus Christi sometime next year. Anybody who wants to serve on the Elissa just needs to show up Saturday at 1:30pm. The Elissa is tied up next to the Texas Seaport Museum on Harborside Drive at 21st Street in Galveston.

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