Blood Drive for Wounded Soldiers

Blood drives are fairly commonplace events, but the blood drive going on in East Harris County today and tomorrow is unique. Civilians are donating blood for wounded American soldiers in Iraq.

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The sponsors say they believe this blood drive is the first time the U.S. Army has accepted donated blood from civilians for soldiers in a combat zone. It wouldn't be happening if Detective David Huckabee of the La Porte Police Department hadn't decided he had to do something to help wounded Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Huckabee says he contacted Fort Hood and offered to set a civilian blood drive, and after six months of talking up and down the army chain of command, the army finally agreed.

Huckabee says he has a personal stake in what's going on in the middle east.

Huckabee says this drive in unusual, because the army doesn't usually take blood donations from the public, even though it's definitely needed. He says many La Porte and Houston area families have sons and daughters in harms way somewhere in the middle east, and sending blood donations is the least he can do for them.

Huckabee says the army follows the same health restrictions the Red Cross uses to screen donors. The Armed Forces Blood Drive is going on today and tomorrow at the Texas Air National Guard Armory at 10371 Spencer Highway in La Porte starting at ten a-m, and Huckabee says they'll stay for as long as people are there ready to donate, and no one will be turned away -- no matter how late it is.

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