Officials Streamline Operations at Houston Municipal Courts

Officials say the move is designed to cut down on duplication of services, as the municipal courts system combines its administrative and judicial departments. Spokeswoman Gwendolyn Goins says some office personnel will move to customer service positions, meaning more windows will be open for people needing to pay fines. They also want to put more clerks in the courtroom.

"You may have a large courtroom with a large docket, with 75 to 100 people on the docket. Then instead of one or two court clerks serving that judge and getting those defendants out, we could add additional court clerks to help in that process as well."

Houston has on of the largest municipal court systems in the country, employing close to four hundred people and handling over a million cases a year. Goins says the move is also designed to save money and they're hoping to have a positive report for the mayor at the end of the fiscal year.
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