Thursday AM September, 30th 2010

You're Better than your job Search book coverBeing unemployed is challenging enough.  We don't have to search for jobs that often, so in a challenging job market it's important to search in an efficient manner, utilizing best practices, tips, tools and checklists to stay on the right track.  Matthew Rothenberg co-wrote the book You're Better Than Your Job Search.

"We are hearing from job seekers who are frustrated, they're upset, they're angry.  And a lot of them are starting to question whether they're even worthy of those jobs.  They just keep getting rejected.  So our answer is in the title of the book--we think that you are worthy of the jobs you're going out for, you're maybe just not going about the job search the right way.  It's easy to start feeling that you're just not good enough to succeed, and we don't believe that."

Rothenberg says that it's all about maintaining a positive attitude.

"We emphasize that it's not about you.  You've got to keep that in mind.  It's not about you, it's about the value that you can bring to the employer.  Everything that you can do, from the moment that you submit a resume until you negotiate your salary, has to be focused on talking about values to that employer.  Just as a politician stays on message, picks three talking points and addresses those--'this is the service I'm going to bring to you'."

Rothenberg and his co-author Marc Cenedella provide career advice to four million members of

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