Texas Prepares For Appliance Rebate 2.0

Thousands of people who applied for the appliance rebates back in April were not able to get them, because the company the state hired to take reservations over the phone and online couldn't handle the demand.  As a result, nearly half of the rebate money went unclaimed.

"So we have about 10 million dollars left over, and we're looking at rolling out the program this December or January."

Allen Seplce is a spokesman for the state comptrollers office.  He says this time around, people will mail in their rebate applications.

"We looked at what other states had done, what they were successful at and unsuccessful at doing, and the mail-in rebate program seemed like the best system."

Spelce says there are several details yet to be worked out, such as the exact dates, and the rebate amount per appliance.  

The state also has to choose a company to administer the mail-in rebate program.  One thing is clear — this is a brand-new program.  That means people who bought appliances in the period between the last rebate program and the next one can not ask for a retroactive rebate, even if they were on the waiting list for the rebates in April. 

The comptrollers office estimates there's enough money remaining to send rebates to as many as 20,000 people.  

For more information, visit texaspowerfulsmart.com/rebate/.

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