Pearland Gets World Series Trip Off to Good Start

Early on, it really wasn’t much of a game.

In fact at one point, it looked like Pearland would get the ten runs that would end the game after 4 innings due to the Mercy Rule.

But then things started to change. The team from Minnesota slowly began to score some runs. Richard Beshoory, whose son is a pitcher on the team, watched anxiously in the stands, but says he never really got worried.

"I wasn’t too worried. I know these kids. We’ve been in that situation plenty of times. It’s not our first dance."

Robert Leget is another dad who watched helplessly as Minnesota came back and almost tied the game.

Leget says the game definitely didn’t help his heart.

"I feel relieved. My blood pressure was about 390 it was real high. But I feel relaxed now. It was real close."

(sounds from end of game).

Pearland eventually won the game 10- 8, allowing fans who traveled to Pennsylvania and those watching here in Houston to breathe a sigh of relief. Next they’ll take on a team from Connecticut on Sunday at 7pm.
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