Historic Auction Goes Online

A local historic preservation group is using cyberspace to raise money. They're holding an auction of architectural antiques and fixtures from old homes and buildings, and it's all on the Internet.

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The group is Historic Houston, and President Lynn Edmundson says their online auction operates just like EBay, and they're auctioning a lot of old one-of-a-kind items they've been able to save from old houses and buildings that have been torn down to make room for something new.

Historic Houston's salvage warehouse is full of donated architectural fixtures and building materials, and some of the best are up for auction on their website, including old classic fireplaces and mantles from several old Houston homes that aren't there anymore.

Edmundson says the best thing about doing this on the Internet is that anybody in the world can check out the catalogue and enter a bid. The problem for out-of-town buyers will be taking possession if they make the winning bid, because Historic Houston won't be able to mail or ship things to them.

The online auction got underway today and it will run through August 19th. It will benefit the Historic Houston Salvage Warehouse, and its program that teaches the basics of preserving historic homes.

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