Smelly Flower Finally Stinks It Up

It took some coaxing. The flower, dubbed Lois, finally opened early Friday after staff members cranked up the temperature and humidity. Horticulturist Zac Stayton described the odor as half men's locker room, half bait shop.

"Very shrimpy, rotten fish smell, with the undertones of that rotten laundry, that musty, moldy laundry."

School kids from Kingwood Montessori brought purple clothespins to put on their noses. But they weren't really needed. Here's sixth grader Grahm Potter.

"To me it doesn't smell that bad. It reminds me of a fish tank in my classroom. Just very stinky fish."

Marie Smith drove in from Katy to catch a whiff.

"It's not really like meat rotting to me, it's more like a mildewy smell almost, you know, like going near a dumpster. It's really like that. Or like, have you ever gone past a school cafeteria dumpster? It kinda smells like one of those. I work at a school so..."

Lois' odor has probably peaked, but some smell may linger throughout the weekend.

Carrie Feibel, KUHF News.
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