No More Free Parking In Downtown Galveston

It wasn't that long after Ike when a steering committee began looking into whether metered parking made sense for Galveston, and which streets should be metered. Craig Brown is a downtown businessman and a member of that committee.

"Right now, the geographical boundaries of the parking stations for downtowns would be from Harborside to Postoffice St., and from 25th St. to 19th St."

With the new system, drivers won't have to print out a receipt to leave on their dashboards. They'll just punch in the number of the spot where they parked at a nearby pay station. Parking will cost $1.25 an hour, except on Sundays, when it's free. Brown says the return of paid parking is a big step in the journey of things getting back to normal.

"And not only back to the way they were, but even better. These meters will be smart meters, and user-friendly meters, that will be far better than the meters we had prior to Hurricane Ike."

The city will share revenue from the meters with Ampco System Parking. Whatever is left over after expenses will go to the Park Board of Trustees to promote tourism in downtown Galveston.

Above photo by Jennifer Reynolds
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