Friday AM July 9th, 2010

Gas Prices Drop Across TexasThe average price at the pump for unleaded regular fuel has fallen to $2.57 a gallon in Texas, and to $2.72 a gallon nationally. That's a 15-cent difference. Dan Ronan with AAA Texas says there are a couple of reasons that Texas gasoline is cheaper than the rest of the nation.

"Texas is a refining center for much of the country. So it takes less in terms of transportation to get gasoline from that part of the state to the other cities, and that's one of the things that factors in. The other thing is that Texas has a lower gas tax than most other states. So if you factor in the closeness of refining and the lower gas tax, that usually puts our gasoline anywhere between 12 and 20 cents below the rest of the country."

The cheapest average is in Houston, where prices dropped by four cents since last week, to $2.53 a gallon. Motorists in El Paso are paying the most in the state, at $2.69. AAA surveys thousands of gas stations nationwide to keep track of price fluctuations.

"We have a survey that's done every night, and we survey electronically 100,000 gasoline stations across the country. And what we do is we take the last credit card swipe of the day at a set time. And so whatever time that it is at these particular gas stations, it is then sent to a data base and the numbers are crunched during the overnight hours and when I walk in every Thursday morning, they're done. So this is something that we do everyday. This is a 365-day a year process of monitoring gasoline prices."

Four of the last five years at this point, gasoline prices were higher than they are today. Ed Mayberry, KUHF News.
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