BP Plans Repairs for Gulf Drill Hit by Hurricane

BP officials are working on one of their semi-submersible drilling rigs that was left listing in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Dennis. A crew has established power to the rig and will use pumps to try to right the structure.

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BP's Thunder Horse rig is located 150 miles south east of New Orleans. It's a new rig for BP and wasn't scheduled to begin production until late this year. BP Spokesman Ronnie Chapel says even though the rig is tilted about 20 degrees it is stable.

Chapel says the pumps are standard equipment on the rig. Additional pumps have been brought in and Chapel says it's not known how long it'll take to get the rig upright. BP also has crews on sure analysing data from the rig.

Chapel says it's too early to tell how the rig's production schedule will be affected. Thunder Horse is expected to handle 250,000 barrels of oil per day and 200 million standard cubic feet of natural gas.

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