Locals Confident Despite Shuttle Launch Delay

Houston is home to the nation's astronauts and some locals around NASA are happy about the delay of the shuttle launch. Restaurant owner Frankie Camera is celebrating because he says it shows safety comes first.

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Frankie Camera owns and runs Frenchie's restaurant on NASA Road 1. Frenchie's has been a NASA hang-out for decades, in fact since the restaurant opened astronauts have been some of the most faithful customers at Frenchie's. Camera has seen dozens of launches and landings during his years in Clear Lake. He says he's not worried about the safety of return to flight plans.

It's been two and half years since Shuttle Columbia was launched and the administration spent that time reevaluating the shuttle program. The problem with the fuel tank was startling news for restaurant patron Stephanie Migura. But she says her confidence in the space program is not shaken by the development.

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