Call for Immigration Reform

The Metropolitan Organization of Houston, local officials and immigrant advocates are protesting an anti-illegal immigrant group's plans to monitor illegals in Houston. They say it's more proof of the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

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No to vigilantes. Yes to immigration reform. That was the message today at Saint Anne's Catholic Church, where The Metropolitan Organization joined local clergymen and others in saying the immigration system is clearly broken and needs to be fixed. Father Paul English of Saint Anne's says it's the government's job to reform and enforce immigration laws and an anti-immigrant militia like the Minutemen aren't helping.

Father English says with its large population of illegal immigrants, Houston is ground zero for the broken immigration system, and the TMO is calling for reform that meets four basic principles.

English says immigration reform should also allow families to be legally reunited across borders, and, overall, it should bring border security and the immigration system back under the rule of law. He says TMO will soon launch a petition drive calling on Congress to enact these reforms.

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